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The Good Oil Skin Types

Do you ever wonder why skin products seem to work on everybody else but yourself?

It can be tricky if you don’t know your skins origin, but don’t worry, we have the answers!

Knowing your skin type is essential in providing optimal care for your skin. Everybody’s skin is different and you have to match the right product ingredients to your skin type. To make it easy, we have broken it down into the four main skin categories:

Dry Skin

Dry skin is effected by genetics, lifestyle, diet, hormones, and climate. If your skin is dry, that means it produces less oil that normal skin would, hence your skin can feel tight throughout the day and you may experience flaking. The lack of oil makes it more sensitive to changes in weather, so if you notice sudden dryness when the weather gets cold or heats up, you probably have dry skin.  

- Low oil production
- Tightness
- Flaking

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Oily Skin

The complete opposite of dry skin; in these cases, your skin produces too much oil than necessary, which can result in redness, pimples, blackheads and open pores. Excess oil tends to leave pores clogged. So, if you notice that you get dark spots after pimples heal, it is because oilier skin is also prone to a condition called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

- Oil excess
- Pimples
- Dark spots

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Normal Skin

Your complexion is right in the middle, not too oily nor too dry and you rarely have breakouts. Normal skin is soft and its complexion is visually even. Your texture is regular, with hardly any visible pores. If you have normal skin you will have a mild shiny surface which won’t get tight or red. Your normal skin does not expose any imperfections. However, you can oftentimes experience dryness on your cheeks.

- In between oily and dry
- Even complexion
- Soft feel

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Sensitive Skin

Being a part of the sensitive skin category can be defined differently by people. The most common symptoms are that sensitive skin can easily become inflamed and irritated. Have you ever noticed red patches on your skin, areas of dryness or blemishes? If you are sensitised, you easily break out in rashes and get tingling, itchy, or stinging skin in response to products (or even water). If when exposing your skin to cold winds makes you very red in certain areas, chances are you have sensitive skin!

- Easily irritated
- Rashes
- Reacts to skin products

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Now that you know which skin type you are, the next step is getting the products that are created specifically for your skin type. Your skin will thank us later!