the good oil brand story

Christina Fenech

Founder & CEO

Byron Bay is a place that gets the creative juices flowing. Growing up in the big city certainly had its advantages especially when it came to education. After the birth of my son I decided I was going to call Byron my home in 1992.

Living in Byron and being influenced by a natural lifestyle, I became passionate about organic products for the skin. A background in beauty and a certificate as a cosmetician laid the ground work for pursuing my own natural skin and hair care range. This was the inspiration behind The Good Oil, a natural product from the earth which has minimal impact on our planet.

Following years of research and sourcing all the raw ingredients I needed “The Good Oil” was born. Inside a small Organic Clothing shop that I owned in 1995, our first products were released and this was the beginning of my dream come true.

To my astonishment we have been a major contributor in helping immense amounts of people achieve glowing skin and hair, as well as helping those with extreme dry skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis.

I am so pleased to have been given this opportunity to save peoples skin. Today we continue to improve the quality of lives while aligning ourselves with communities and groups which share our values of maintaining a healthy planet by using what nature provides.

Saving our skin and the earth is our mission statement. We believe that we can improve our quality of life while maintaining a healthy planet by using what nature provides.


The Good Oil strives to deliver pure organic ingredients which contain the highest percentage of omega oils. High quality vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids are ingredients included in our exclusive natural formulations.

Earth Friendly

Our lives are filled with an abundance of choices each day and ultimately we have to make the right ones for our future. The Good Oil believes in the preservation of our planet in a sustainable economy. We recycle packaging and produce products that are bio-degradable in 30 days.

Living Nutrients

We believe that the best skin and hair care come naturally from the earth. Organic oils contain structures that are similar to the way our skin is constructed so it makes sense to give our skin the natural nutrients it needs to recover and grow.

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