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The Good Oil Skin Moisturiser

During the last few years the terms eco-friendly, go-green, cruelty-free (and so many others) have been trending the web and brands have jumped on the bandwagon. Here at The Good Oil this is has been common knowledge since our beginning. After reading this you you’ll understand why our products benefit you and our planet!

All variations of terms you’ve ever heard ultimately boils down to one; earth friendliness. Being earth friendly means that the products you consume contribute to maintaining our planets longevity. The ingredients are naturally sourced from our planet and therefore not harmful to our planet.

Artificial products, in other words fake products, are produced to imitate natural ingredients for the sole reason of being cheaper. Using chemically made artificials as skincare highly damages our earth and our skin as these materials being used are plastics, synthetics, parabens and aluminium’s. Not only are they damaging, they are also non-bio-degradable, meaning they cannot be decomposed and will remain on earth for a very long time. Being able to bio-degrade greatly benefits our planet as the materials can be recycled and reused time and time again!

One might ask themselves why plastics are so harmful to our planet. The simple answer is that plastic is the number one cause of pollution in our oceans, directly leading to sea animal’s death. Moreover, plastic is non-bio-degradable and will take over 1000 years to break down. Synthetics, parabens and aluminium come with a ton of harmful impacts such as contributing to global warming, polluting the air we breathe, and they also require enormous amounts of electricity and water – which are already scarce luxuries.

The Good Oil was born with the ethics of saving our skin and earth at all costs and no compromise. We work closely with our Hemp seed oil suppliers from Tasmania who source the best oil they have to offer. Our other ingredients are also living organisms that are derived from our planet with positive impacts.

Caring for ourselves and our planet can be shown in many different ways and something as simple as consuming natural brands goes a long way.

The Good Oil believes that we can improve our quality of life while maintaining a healthy planet by using what nature provides - so that you can be earth friendly, while saving your skin, one product at the time.