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Strong and Healthy Hair

A prerequisite for prosperous hair is obviously using natural ingredients that will nurture your hair from its roots, but you already knew that! So, bring out your pen and paper because you will want to remember these tips:

1. Diet

The topic of diet is a reoccurring one when wishing for a physical change, but that is because it’s an imperative factor! Whatever you put into your body will display outwardly, just like when you use artificial ingredients in skincare. Your hair follicles thrive off the food you eat and largely responds as a result of it. If you are wishing to grow strong and healthy hair you should focus on eating

  • Omega 3 – Beans, berries, chia seeds, greens, hemp seeds
  • Protein – Lentils, quinoa, spinach, almonds, tahini
  • Antioxidants – Blueberries, kale, beetroot, onion
  • Vitamin C – Lemon, chestnuts, apple cider vinegar, cacao beans

2. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Dry hair leaves your cells bare! Properly moisturizing your hair cannot be stressed enough. If you leave your hair dry without any products in, your strands will become stiff, lifeless and eventually break off. Imagine not putting lotion on your body for a year and it turning into crocodile skin – i.e. cracky, dry skin.  You don’t want this! Moisture comes in different forms and you have to find your preference. One form of moisture is just plain water, but to increase your chances in hair prosperity you should use a natural shampoo and conditioner every time when washing your hair.

3. Use a hair mask

Another form of moisture is using a hair mask after washing your hair. A mask is beneficial as it further penetrates your strands and moisturises from within. A mask is usually left for 5-20 minutes which allows the ingredients to thoroughly reach your hair cells. It will hydrate your hair and is specifically designed to restore damaged hair from first use. Check out our range of masks here.

4. Seal in the moisture with an oil

Something that is more uncommon, but definitely crucial in strong and healthy hair, is sealing in the moisture. What that means is that when you’ve moisturised your hair, you need to lock in this moisture to ensure it will work deep into each individual hair strand. The secret to doing this is applying an oil as a finish. The oil works as a shield between your hair and everything around it, protecting the moisturiser from evaporating into air. For hair as strong as rope, use our organic hair treatment oil.

5. Drink water

You already know that healthy hair begins from within, and since water is a large part of your bodily mass you must retain the water levels your body needs. Water hydrates your glands and aids a healthy growth process. It flushes out the toxins paving the way for the natural ingredients to work its magic. Water is most probably the easiest step, so make sure you drink at least 8 glasses a day!