A Natural Way To Save Your Skin

The Good Oil

100% Pure Natural Treatment For Everybody.

Organic Hemp Oil became known for its amazing effects on the skin, helping with extreme dry skin conditions. Locals who started using the oil found that their wrinkles were disappearing and their skin became supple and younger looking.

The Good Oil Company now boasts over 50 products in its diverse range of skin and hair care sold by over 80 suppliers Australia wide where you can sample the range. Extensive research has made possible the interaction of Hemp Oil with other oils including Argan Oil to not only rejuvenate the skin but the hair as well. “Hair As Strong As Rope” is the ultimate Hair Care System where you wash, condition and repair the hair to achieve luscious shiny locks.

John Charlton – Chairman of Surfing Queensland, Coastalwatch Chief Surf Reporter. John has been using our range of hemp skincare since 2002.